Lorena Tonarelli MSc freelance medical writer

Value Strategy

Identification of clinical, real-world, economic (BIM/CE) and PRO evidence supportive of product value ⎸ Evidence gap analyses ⎸ Treatment, payer, competitor landscape analyses ⎸

Professional expertise in critical assessment of treatment, payer and competitor landscapes, as well as addressable patient populations, within projects aimed at providing strategic guidance on appropriate routes to market.

Assessment of opportunities and challenges related to the use of a pharmaceutical product or medical device in a treatment landscape, with the aim of identifying strategies that can help materialise opportunities while overcoming barriers ⎸ Assisting with the identification and communication of appropriate product differentiators, based on scientific evidence ⎸ Expertise in extrapolating product value insights from RWE and PRO data ⎸ Clinical appraisal of existing materials, to assess their ability to communicate product value ⎸

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