Lorena Tonarelli, M.Sc.

Freelance Medical Writer, Copywriter, Journalist

Senior Market Access Consultant

Medical Value Communication Specialist

Medical Journalism

Familiar with both British and American English usage and audiences, Lorena researches and writes feature articles and other materials for print and online media outlets worldwide aimed at pharma industry executives and opinion leaders, healthcare professionals and educators, patients and the general public. She has authored books on various medical-related topics, including Alzheimer's disease and evidence-based caregiving.


Feature articles • Insight & analysis pieces • News stories • Interview-based articles • Infographic content • Commercial features • Health reports • Research-based articles • Conference reports • Patient education content • Continuing professional education articles


Pharmaceuticals and the pharmaceutical industry •

Clinical research • Market access • Health (disease prevention/management) • Healthcare (care quality and patient experience) • Medical technology and imaging (MRI, PET, CT) •

Innovation in medicine •

Future of healthcare


Lorena's work features in the Times, Guardian and Independent newspapers, Pharmaceutical Market Europe (PME), the Economist Intelligence Unit, Pharmafocus, InPharmacy, The Pharmaceutical Journal, and other print and online media outlets



Pharmaceutical Market Group • The Pharmaceutical Journal • National Pharmacy Association • Story Worldwide • Mediaplanet • Raconteur •  Wiley-Blackwell • The Economist Group • Progressive Content • Philips

Effective Value Communication

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