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Medical Education

Educational modules and programmes ⎸ Masterclasses ⎸ Train-the-trainers ⎸ Workshops ⎸ Webinars ⎸ Continuing medical education articles ⎸ Behaviour change evaluation surveys ⎸ Backgrounders ⎸ Objection handlers ⎸ Infographics ⎸ Digital learning ⎸ Scientific platforms ⎸

Assisting with the development of medical education programmes in specialised areas of medical science, for a broad range of healthcare professionals, including oncologists, cardiologists, neurologists, primary care physicians, specialist nurses and medical imaging technologists.

Development, review and quality control of content for scientific meetings and print/digital articles, aimed at enhancing performance within the medical community ⎸ Evaluation and reporting of clinical trial data, within medical education and training projects ⎸ Expertise in a broad range of therapy areas, drug classes and medical devices ⎸

Experience in working across multiple medical education projects, managing all stages of copy development, from initial strategy and brief to approval and sign-off ⎸ Implementation of behaviour change strategies to enhance healthcare professional performance ⎸

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