Lorena Tonarelli, M.Sc.

Freelance Medical Writer, Copywriter, Journalist

Senior Market Access Consultant

Medical Value Communication Specialist

Medical Copywriting and Content Marketing

With over a decade of experience in creating branding and strategic advertising content, Lorena helps you build a lasting relationship with your audience - through relevant information that keeps it engaged - while generating new interest in your brand. She is experienced in creating material that effectively communicates the medical value of a product.


 White papers • Advertorials • e-Guides • Marketing blogs • Case studies • Patient information • Sales aids • Leave pieces • Press releases • News content • Review of existing content marketing material to ensure compliance with advertorial guidelines


Experienced in market research and brand message development • Can help medical and non-medical companies introduce or establish their brand into the healthcare market • Specialises in developing material supporting the launch and market uptake of a pharmaceutical or medical technology product


FleishmanHillard • DDB Remedy • Philips • Bupa • NatWest • The Economist • John Brown Media • Tomorrow People • Genetic Digital • Alivia Swiss Health •  Curated Digital • Unify/Siemens • Story Worldwide

Effective Value Communication

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