Lorena Tonarelli, MSc



Journal manuscripts | conference abstracts and posters | slide presentations | systematic literature reviews (SLRs) | product monographs | advisory board meetings | symposium reviews | clinical summaries | quality control | critical review of existing content | mentoring

Collaborates with global, interdisciplinary medical communication teams on the development of high-quality scientific content that meets client objectives and is compliant with international standards of medical information reporting.

  • Specialised in new content development, as well as critical review and editing of existing copy
  • Expertise in interpreting and presenting (as text and graphically) clinical trial data
  • Covers a broad range of therapy areas (e.g., oncology, hematology, dermatology, rare diseases, neurology, cardiovascular, respiratory), drug classes, and medical devices
  • Expertise in working across multiple projects and teams
  • Can manage all stages of copy development, from initial strategy and brief to approval and sign off, including liaising with studio/design teams on layout
  • Advises on content strategy and development
  • Performs senior review, quality control, and mentoring tasks
  • Can support clients throughout a project, by applying expert therapy area and product knowledge, and ensuring objectives are met
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