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Global value dossiers | reimbursement dossiers | value message development & testing | value stories and propositions | objection handlers | interpretation and presentation of clinical, BMI, CE, RWE and PRO data | HEOR manuscripts and conference abstracts and posters | core value slide decks | evidence gap analyses | competitor landscape analyses

Assisting with the full range of market access deliverables and activities, from reviewing the literature and evaluating clinical, real-world, and economic evidence to the development, testing and refining of value messages and proposition and the writing of GVDs, GRDs, and AMCP dossiers.

  • Development of new content, as well as review and editing of existing copy
  • Critical review of manuscripts and other deliverables to ensure compliance with current standards of reporting of economic assessments (e.g., cost-effectiveness, budget impact) of health interventions
  • Advising on best practices for the development of market access material, including payer-oriented value communications, in line with existing requirements
  • Providing expert knowledge on client therapy areas, products and objectives
  • Expertise in interpreting and presenting (as text and graphically) budget impact model (BIM) and cost-effectiveness (CE) data, for inclusion in value dosssiers and slide decks
  • Critical assessment of treatment, payer, and competitor landscapes, within projects aimed at identifying appropriate routes to markets
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