Lorena Tonarelli MSc freelance medical writer

Market Access/HEOR & HTAs 

GVDs ⎸ AMCP dossiers ⎸ Value messages ⎸ Value stories and propositions ⎸ Core value slide decks ⎸ Objection handlers ⎸ HEOR manuscripts, abstracts and posters ⎸ Targeted and systematic literature reviews ⎸ Identification, interpretation and presentation (in text and graphically) of clinical, RW, economic (CE, BMI) and PRO data ⎸ Evidence gap analyses ⎸ Treatment, payer, competitor landscape analyses ⎸ HTA submission documents ⎸ 

Assisting with the full range of market access deliverables and activities, from reviewing the literature and evaluating clinical, real-world, and economic evidence to the development, testing and refining of value messages, stories and propositions, and the writing of GVDs. Assisting with the identification and communication of appropriate product differentiators, based on scientific evidence, to optimise market access and uptake.

Development of new content, as well as review and editing of existing copy ⎸ Providing expert knowledge of client therapy areas, products and objectives ⎸ Advising on best practices for the development of market access material, including payer-oriented value communications ⎸

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