Lorena Tonarelli MSc freelance medical writer

About Lorena

Lorena is a medical value communication specialist with 20 years of experience in medical writing and editorial support, covering a wide range of novel and established pharmaceutical products, medical devices and diagnostics.

She is a specialist in market access/HEOR, HTA submission documents and medical communications and education, working with agencies, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, CROs, healthcare organisations and publishing firms.

Lorena also collaborates with marketing and advertising agencies on copywriting projects, content marketing deliverables, B2B and B2C copy, digital content, and other product support materials.

Lorena has published books and reports on various medical and scientific subjects, including Alzheimer's disease, evidence-based caregiving, and influenza (seasonal and pandemic). She  has published extensively as a medical journalist in national newspapers, and in national and international outlets for the pharma industy, healthcare professionals and patients. 

  • Familiar with both British and American English usage and audiences, Lorena has a high level of understanding of, and extensive published experience in, writing material effectively tailored to specific audiences and purposes
  • Her main subjects include pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics, medical imaging, health and healthcare, patient centricity, digital health, and the future of healthcare
  • Lorena has academic background in drug development, neurodegenerative diseases (AD, PD) and medical imaging (MRI)
  • She has laboratory research experience in neurology (epilepsy), and has trained as a medical journalist, gaining qualifications in the UK and the US

Lorena is based in Eton Windsor, Berkshire, UK.

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