Lorena Tonarelli, MSc


Value Strategy & Communication Specialist


Medical Communications

(e.g., journal manuscripts, abstracts and posters, advisory board meetings, slide decks)



(e.g., interactive workshops, masterclasses, train-the-trainers, webinars, CME articles)

Market Access/HEOR

(e.g., global value dossiers, value messages, value stories and propositions, core value decks)



(e.g., materials and activities aimed at communicating product value and promoting customer engagement)



(e.g., identification of evidence supportive of product value, evidence gap analyses, competitor analyses)

Medical Copywriting

(e.g., B2B/B2C materials, content marketing, detail aids/leave pieces, white papers, advertorials, infographics)


  • Lorena has 20 years of experience in medical writing and editing, as well as branding and advertising
  • She specialises in med  comms, med ed, market access/HEOR and content strategy
  • She is experienced in working across multiple projects, scientific teams and therapy areas
  • In addition to developing new content, Lorena advises on content strategy and development, and performs  review, quality control, project management and mentoring tasks


Lorena collaborates with medical communications agencies and pharmaceutical and medical device companies on, among others, journal manuscripts, conference posters and abstracts, PowerPoint presentations (including design), educational materials for healthcare professionals (interactive workshops, marsterclasses, train-the-trainers and CME articles), global value dossiers, value messages, value stories and propositions, core value slide decks, advisory board meetings and reports, webinars, white papers, advertorials, detail aids, and infographics.


  • In-depth understanding of clinical trials and the pharmaceutical product’s life cycle
  • Can interpret and present (as text and graphically) clinical, economic, and RW data
  • Can manage all stages of copy development, from initial strategy and brief to approval and sign off, including liaising with end clients, freelancers, and studio/design teams
  • Can support clients by applying expert therapy area and product knowledge
  • Advises on content strategy and development

Extensive portfolio covering a wide range of subjects, therapy areas and drug classes

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